Stacking Header 2x20 pour Raspberry Pi 2, Pi 0 & B+

Pin Stacking header 40 pins for the GPIO of Pi 2 and Pi B+

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Raspberry B PLUS ONLY, this stacking Header allows to use directly and easily shields/cards/hats planned for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi B PLUS :-).


Stacking several shield/plate, breakout, etc on a Pi is not easy if you don't have a proper stacking Header. This Pin Header is cut for the Pi B+ with its super high female connector (to fit on the GPIO 40 pins of the Pi) and extra long pins (male) to connect a ribbon, another "shield", a Pi-Cobbler PLUS, etc.

With this connector plugged in the GPIO of the Pi, you are just above the USB connectors (~0.5mm) and above the Ethernet connector (~1.5mm). The Jack plug is even lower.

The 2 x 20 pins are extra long, 9.7mm, which means that there is still 8mm when a card (1.5mm thick as standard) is "installed" on the stacking Header... So what to connect another connector :-).

Contains: only the stacking header, sold without Raspberry Pi used for illustration purposes

26 or 40 pins - know how to make the right choice

This 40-pins stacking Header is perfect for your Raspberry Pi 2 & Pi B PLUS. There are however cases where a 26-pins Stacking Header (Pi B PLUS compatible) will be more suitable. Take the example of an interface card Pi B (thus 26 holes) which works on a Pi 2 (or Pi B Plus) and behind which you would like to connect your mounting Cobbler or Perma-Proto Pi made with your old Pi. In this case, it will be wiser to opt for a stacking header 26 pin.


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