Alimentation Pi 3 - micro USB 5V - 2.5 AMPERE

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5V 2.5A Power supply with micro USB plug - Official Raspberry Pi 3 - 5v 2500mA!!!!

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An official power supply for Raspberry Pi 3, 3B+

Need a micro USB plug to power a micro USB project (Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi B+ or other) with a power supply able of delivering enough current?

The Raspberry Pi 3 offers WiFi, integrated bluetooth and have a better power management for USB port. Much features also means much power so it's necessary to offer him more current than your older Raspberry-Pi 2.

This power supply produces a perfectly regulated and smoothed voltage able to follow the requirements of Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Pi 3 or Pi 2 projects, see our article "Your Raspberry Get stuck -- think about power supply".

This power supply produces a calibrated voltage at 5.0V with a nominal power of 12.5W (so 2.5A) and offers high efficiency (it dissipates lesser heat).
Only the pins 1 and 5 of the micro USB plug are connected to deliver the voltage rated at 5V... It will not be possible to use this power supply to power or charge tablets and smartphones requiring specific adapters (eg: the famous brand "at the apple" ;-) ).

Provided for environment between 0 and 50°C, it will consume a maximum of 0.3A and accepts supply voltage from 90 to 260V alternating 50 or 60 Hertz.

The connection cable of 1.5M is finished with a micro USB socket.

This power supply unit is usually delivered in white. However, it can be delivered in black (same model, same manufacturing, but in black) according to the availability by our provider.

This power meets the standards FCC, CE and UL regulation.



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