Pi Zero wireless + NoiR Pi Camera

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  • Pi Zero Wireless
  • Pi Cam NoiR 8 Megapixel
  • Pi Cam Zero ribbon 15cm

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Create your own nightly surveillance camera with the Pi Zero Wireless

With the Pi Zero Wireless connected to your WiFi network and the 8 Megapixels Pi Camera you are finally ready to create numerous video projects. With the 15cm ribbon, the camera can be mounted on the tilt pan to inspect the environment or to offert more possibilities to your surveillance project. This long ribbon would also been welcome to place the camera in very tiny place (like inside a garden leprechan's head).

With this set, you can easily create a time laps capture system, panoramic capture, interactive project with OpenCV (wikipedia), night surveillance system.

The Pi Cam NoiR works like the normal camera and can be used to capture pictures and videos under various format. You can use it with the command line utility, python code and C code. It is one of the most exciting Raspberry-Pi add-on... combined with the Pi Zero Wireless we do have a versatile, portable and connected video system.  



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