Bluetooth Speaker 5W

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Autonomous Bluetooth Speaker - 5W

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This a black Bluetooth speaker - a high quality 5W speaker (800mAh) - directly compatible with the Raspberry Pi-3 (under Raspbian).
We did have a crush for this product because it offer a wonderful audio rendering (mono) and an incredible bass line (impressive regarless the size of the speaker).
Even better, place the speaker on the top of a wooden box to transform it in resonance box for the speaker (ex: a table or a console) and you will discover a new sound experience.

Technical details

  • Lipo batery: 800 mAh
  • Audio Power: 5 W
  • Interface: Bluetooth, microSD, stéréo audio input (jack 3.5mm)
  • USB A to microB cable - used to power or recharge the speaker.

How to use the Bluetooth speaker with Pi 3

Before anything else, recharge you speaker on a USB port.
Update your Raspbian operating system, the last revision support the BlueMan software and the Bluetooth Audio output with a minimal configuration process

Next, we will pair the device with the Raspbian operating system. This operation must be done only once. Next:

  1. Press the start/stop button (under the speaker) until you hear the speaker startup.
    The speaker says "Power On".
    Please, note that the speaker will automatically "power off" when not used for a while. The speaker says "Power Off".
  2. Select the "Bluetooth" icon on the top-right corner of the desktop (inside the taskbar).
  3. Press the "search" button in the "Bluetooth device" window.
    The speaker should be visible in the list after 10 to 20 seconds.
  4. Right click the speaker (to show the contextual menu) then selects the "Pairing / Connecting" menu item.
    Once appaired, somes status icons should be displayed for that device.
    The speaker will mention the connection by saying "Connected" on the speaker.

Configure the audio output to use the Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Open the audio controle center of you Raspberry-Pi.
    Menu "Sound & vidéo" -> "Volume control".
  2. Select the "Output device" tab
  3. Then select the Bluetooth Speaker as audio device (the device that we just paired to the Pi).

Voila! it's done. c'est fait. Il ne vous reste plus qu'a profiter de l'exceptionnel rendu de l'enceinte :-)


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