Boitier SmartPi pour RPi Touchscreen

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SmartiPi case for the Raspberry-Pi's official 7" RPi-Touchscreen 7"

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SmartiPi a case with perfect finish for your Raspberry-Pi's official 7" touchscreen

Here is a molded case/stand offering an elegant and perfect design as mush as robustness for your official Raspberry Pi's touchscreen (the "RPi-TouchScreen") as well as the Raspberry-Pi.

The 7" touchscreen is secured inside the case with 4 screws and the Raspberry-Pi is enclosed inside a compartment in the back of the case. The case does have an GPIO opening in the RPi's protecting cover. This protective cover secure and protect the Raspberry-Pi while still allowing the connection of the TFT Touchscreen on the Raspberry's DSI port.

The touchscreen can be powered in two different way: either by using 2 power wires (included with the screen) from the Raspberry-Pi's GPIO (which is not compatible with addition of a hat) or by using a microUSB wire (see the "USB Splitter wire") to power up the Pi and the screen.


  • Raspberry Pi and 7" screen not included.
  • The Raspberry-Pi's HDMI is not accessible once the Pi placed in the case.
  • Delivered as a kit.


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 3 B+, 2, B+ et A+
  • Can be rotated on 125° to adjust the screen position on the stand.
  • HATs can be connected on the back of the cover, si you can add more feature to your Raspberry-Pi
  • Possibility to print addition accessories (3D printing)



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