pBeat HAT for Raspberry-Pi

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  • I2S Audio Amplifier (3W per channel)
  • Stereo and Mono output mode
  • 6 button to control apps
  • 16 RGB LEDs (VU meter, 2 lines of  8 pixels each)
  • Pi 3, P2, Pi Zero, Pi Zero W
  • System add-on
  • Python library

More details

15,27 €

The ultimate audio add-on for Raspberry-Pi et Pi-Zero

Pimoroni did use the I2S mono DAC and amplifier used on Picade HAT and added a second one for stereo output. There's a little DIP switch under the board to select either stereo playback or mono playback (Raspberry-Pi left and right audio are blended on the output channels). The board has plug terminals to make it super-easy to wire in your speakers.

It also has two rows of 8 RGB LEDs make them perfect to create a VU meter. The APA102 can also be coded to do whatever you wish, like pulsing in time with the beat, displaying the steps of a step sequencer Drum HAT.

The board also have 6 buttons on the board's edge. The buttons are directly wired to GPIO and can be used as desired. The board does suggested some usages on the board, like rewind, play/pause, fast-forward, volume up and down and power. The GPIO used to by the button is written on the bottom of the board (next to the corresponding button).

The BEAT HAT can be used to create a little desk radio, music streamer, Airplay music streamer for iPhone or Spotify player for the office!

Technical details

  • dual I2S DAC/amplifiers for stereo audio (MAX98357A)
  • 3W per channel
  • 2x push fit speaker terminals
  • switch to select blended mono or stereo modes
  • 16 RGB LED pixels (APA102) in 2 rows of 8
  • 6 edge-mounted push buttonsCompatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, Zero W
  • Software installer and ALSA VU meter plugin
  • 65 x 30 x 7.5mm

And also:

Board pinoutPython library


For each order, you will receive the Beat Hat + Female header. Some soldering operations are needed to required to solder the connector on the board.

The Raspberry-Pi, case and other items are not included.

About the software

Pimoroni did create an installer to setup the pHAT BEAT. It will reconfigure the ALSA audio to route audio output to the pHAT BEAT and install a VU meter plugin to display the volume levels in realtime. Note: it is possible to disable the VU meter and code the LEDs yourself.



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