Hat and GPIO

A complete range of Hats, interfaces, hardware and components to work with the Raspberry-Pi's GPIO. Closer for electronic and so fun to discover.

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  • HATs

    The HATs are the Raspberry-Pi extensions that meet the HAT specifications of the Raspberry-Pi fundation. It exists a lot of HATs that cover many areas (music, audio output, motors, touch interface, screen, etc).

  • Sombreros

    Some extension board for the Raspberry-Pi does not meet the HAT specifications... So, we call it "Sombreros". Those boards also propose very useful services and interfaces. This category will contains those "non normalized" board.

  • Makers Essentials

    The essential for the makers starting some electronic activities around the Raspberry-Pi's GPIO

  • Sensors & Extensions

    The Raspberry-Pi's GPIO can be used to wire and use sensors and interfaces. You will find in this category a selection of sensors and components that can be used with the Raspberry-Pi

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

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